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Dwivedi - Mohan
"Sex and Postcolonial Family Values"

5 Nov. 2017

First Post

Amid changing nature of sex as an activity, debates over Raya Sarkar's list represent post-colonial binaries

Narratology and Ideology: Negotiating Context, Form and Theory in Postcolonial Texts
Divya Dwivedi
Henrik Skov Nielsen
Richard Walsh
Ohio State University Press, 2018
Gandhi: Law and the Lawgiver
Lecture: ENS Paris
Seminar by Divya Dwivedi and Shaj Mohan
École Normale Supérieure

Chairs: Barbara Cassin and Marc Crépon

Tuesday, 1st March 2017,

7 - 9 pm,

Salle Cavaillès 45 rue d’Ulm 75005

Good Government: A Philosophical Quest

Kochi Muziris Biennale 2016

Pavilion / Cabral Yard / Fort KochiDecember 27th & 28th4 pm - 8 pm

A phlosophical dialogue between:

- Bernard Stiegler
- Divya Dwivedi
- Shaj Mohan
- Katja Freistein
- Michael de Saint Cheron
- Vijay Tankha 

Divya Dwivedi is a philosopher based in India.

She teaches Philosophy and Literature at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

" The tone and the reactions from traditionalist feminists to the list are disturbing and threatening. There are lists given of what Sarkar and her friends are or are not — Dalit, queer, American, Indian, Hindu fascist agent, liar, a hoax. These intimidating gestures are aimed at the young men and women of all castes and religions who are anti-caste seeking new possibilities in politics. They further reveal the politics of sex and death.

The reactions against the list are also fascist in their language, 'if you are not with us you are with evil'. This, ironically, is similar to the language of 'anti-national' used by the Hindu right for anyone who opposes it.

. . . .

In this era of technological explosion all of you are — you know who you are — already worlds away from the fantasies of postcolonial gossips riding their bullock carts calling out to ‘the subalterns’ to get out of the way. You are already a gathering in the form of a conch shell from which the matter of the world is murmuring its invitation to create an animal which can relieve the human. You are also suffering the weight of unprecedented crises which are descending."

On Evil
A Symposium with Robert Bernasconi, 
Divya Dwivedi, Shaj Mohan
7 pm, 21st Nov 2017
Siddhartha Hall, Goethe Institute, Delhi